Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The mass of the electric charge twice the mass of the electron?

Due to the assumption of the existence of the elementary structures of electrostatic and anti-structures to rationalize that the electric charge of an electron - is structurally embedded in it antistructure electrostatic field. You have attempted to determine its own effective mass of the structure of the electrostatic field, and in fact - the electron charge. She was twice that of an electron. The result is regarded as a fundamental paradox ...

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Essence of generating strong magnetic pulses

The energy is compressed into a very short pulse. So you have a single pulse obtained in smal period of time and has very powerful, but power consumption is relatively small. This is called power compression. This is how, for example, Marx generator works. Charge the battery of capacitors, and then all of a single key discharged. But those systems, of which I speak, use other principles. I will not explain them in detail because I do not want to be a teacher for the younger generation of terrorists. But I will say that using the new systems that store and compress the power devices can be made quite small.
Thats how are made electromagnetic bomb, the heart of free energy device!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Elements of the zero period of the Periodic Table of Mendeleev...

Elements of the zero period of the Periodic Table of Mendeleev
On the nature of Newton and the Crown

"... The more I had to think about the nature of the chemical elements, the more I deviated from both the classical notion of primary matter, and the hope to achieve the desired comprehension of the elements of nature study of electrical and optical phenomena, and each time more urgently and more clearly aware that the earlier order or first must get more real than the present one, the notion of "mass" and the «aether»
Dmitry Mendeleyev
    In January 1904, "a piece of St. Petersburg» № 5 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Mendeleev published his portrait and interview. When asked what he was doing research at the present time, the scientist replied, "They are designed solely to confirm I have exhibited in the past year, theory, or rather the attempt of understanding the world of chemical aether». What is the theory, which we know so little about and which were fixed only all the latest research scientist?

Damped Wave

A device for converting capacitor discharges; Damped wave

A device for converting capacitor discharges; Damped wave
I realized that I was a huge benefit-break wave at its peak. If I used a custom chopper, he would interrupt the current indiscriminately as low, and the high part of the wave. I had two forms of this system: first, where I ran interrupt directly from the shaft dynamo, and the other in which I ran it through isochronous engine. Then, the movement of these contacts (KK), I have sought to exact match the time of contact so that it occurred precisely at the peak of the wave. This is - a form of interruption, which is included now in the hundreds of patents and now widely used.